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Enjoy Maximum Profit over the Years by Investing in Antique Jewellery and Watches

November 28, 2016
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Antique and vintage jewellery and watches have become more valuable as each year has gone by. There's no doubt about that, considering that these pieces were expensive luxury items when originally crafted.

That being said, a lot of people believe that while these are some of the best investments out there that their prices are out of reach of your available budget. Don't fret, because there are plenty of interesting pieces available at a price you can afford.

So, why do these timeless pieces increase their value every year?

As compared to cars, boats and even houses, a lot of luxury watches and jewellery don't only retain their value, but more often than not, increase their value over time as well. Likewise, as long as these pieces are in good condition, and certified to be authentic, rest assured that their value will hold no matter what other markets are doing. This holds true especially for famous brands such as Cartier, Rolex, Tiffany & Co., Omega, Patek, Philippe, and many more.

While branded designer antique and vintage jewellery are always sought after and have a long track record as a good form of investment you can also consider buying pre-owned jewellery and diamonds. This is because not only will it save you thousands of dollars on purchasing the same item new but if you manage to save it for several years there is always a huge possibility that it would substantially increase its value.

Antique Jewellery and Watches

The reason why most jewellery, especially those that are antiques retain their value is because it's already ingrained in many cultures and traditions all over the world. Throughout history various cultures have used beads as currency and items such as jewellery were often offered as part of a wedding dowry.

Another reason why jewellery and watches retain their value is because they are extremely portable. In fact throughout history items such as gold rings, diamonds and other jewellery have often been used by refugees and other people that have needed to leave the place that they are living quickly and with the time to gather their possessions.

Where the Value Comes From


While many people believe that jewellery prices can be influenced greatly by the underlying movements in gemstone and gold markets however that is not always the case. The value of the jewellery often costs significantly more than the sum of the components for the materials used to produce the piece. The time, design and craftsmanship put into a piece of jewellery or a high quality watch can sometimes exceed the value of the component parts. Though, for those who have a significant stone, such as a large or rare coloured diamond you can rest assured that the value of the stone would be the key determinant of the pieces value.

The rarity of antique and vintage jewellery is partly due to the practice of reusing the stones from older jewellery which were often removed and placed in a new piece to keep costs down. It is also the reason why it's not that easy to find very old diamond and gemstone rings, and consequently they have steadily increased in value.

Where to Buy


As a rule of thumb, buying vintage and antique jewellery and watches should only be done from a source that you can be sure of. Antique and vintage experts that are able to fully explain why the piece is special and also be able to give full details on the price and rarity of the piece.

Lastly, in order to ensure that the jewellery and watches you're going to buy would be a worthwhile investment, always look for one with individual style and character that appeals to you. Then you have something that is special to you as well as something that will increase in value over time.

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