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Antique 12 carat gold seal

Here is a very unique and large 12ct gold antique seal from the 1870's that is so special and will certainly make a statement when it is worn on a chain around the neck.

Seals have been used for centuries as a way to prevent someone from tampering with a letter by quite literally sealing the envelope in wax and pressing the seal in which would break once the letter is opened. This antique seal is just incredible for so many reasons. To begin with it is very large for a seal. The base of the seal is made from chalcedony which is a from the quartz family and has been used for centuries in seals do to its hardness, and measures 26.4mm by 22.6mm and is engraved with the initials "LP" and from the base measures 34mm tall or 53mm to the top of the split ring which is attached and can so easily come on and off.

Then there is the gold content which is 12ct gold which was used for a brief period along with 15ct gold from 1854 until 1931 and this seal has such a wonderful warm colour to it combined with the quite rare gold content makes this even more unique and special.

With such an incredible pattern this is a truly incredible antique seal from the Victoria era that is just so special.


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Antique 12 carat gold seal

Antique 12 carat gold seal made in the Victorian era.

Where to buy antique jewellery in Sydney?

At Kalmar Antiques on the top floor of the Queen Victoria Building, Sydney. Kalmar Antiques has been dealing in fine antique jewellery such as antique engagement rings for over thirty five years. Along with being able to repair antique jewellery, there is also a Rolex trained watchmaker on site who can repair your watch. This includes being able to service your Rolex watch in Sydney instead of sending it interstate or overseas to be repaired.

What are seals used for?

Going back as far as Roman times, after a letter was sealed with wax, the writer would stamp the still warm wax with his or her seal to prevent the wrong person from opening the letter, as once broken, the wax seal could not be used again.

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