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Antique opal bracelet


Here is an antique bracelet that combines the wonderful colour of rose gold with beautiful solid Australian opals in a traditional and very elegant curb link bracelet.

Made in the Edwardian era in the early 1900's, the bracelet was made in 9 carat rose gold, and unlike a lot of modern pink or rose gold, the colour of the gold has that wonderful warm tone that looks even more beautiful against the skin.

The curb link bracelet is such a fashionable design that has been around for well over a century and has always remained so popular, and this one is made more special by being set with eleven Australian solid white crystal opals that really make this bracelet so unique.

Measuring 17.5cm in length, it is fitted with a gorgeous heart shaped padlock and safety chain, this bracelet is as elegant today as when it was made during the wonderful Edwardian era.


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Circa: 1910



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Antique opal bracelet

Antique opal bracelet made in 9 carat rose gold in the early 1900's. This opal bracelet is set with eleven solid Australian white opals.

Where do the best opals in the world come from?

Australia produced approximately 90 to 95% of the worlds opals, and has long been regarded as the source of the best quality opals in the world. With opal triplets and doublets being quite inexpensive, it then leads to the crystal opals, boulder opals, white opals, and the most famous of them all, the Australian Lighting Ridge black opal.

Where is the best antique store in Australia?

Kalmar Antiques in the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney. For over thirty five years, Kalmar Antiques has been dealing in the finest antique jewellery and watches in Australia.

What is an antique?

An antique is anything over 100 years old. The term vintage is applied to pieces that are over 20 years old, but less than 100.


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