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Art Deco diamond engagement ring made by Belais in the 1920's

Here is a truly spectacular diamond engagement ring that was made during the fabulous Art Deco period of the 1920's and is made even more special by the company that made it.

Made by the Belais Manufacturing Company in America, its founder David Belais was one of the first jewellers to create white gold with his patent for it becoming so popular and sought after, that white gold jewellery produced during this time in America, was often called "Belais metal".

Not only did they produce their own white gold, but the design of the ring is truly magnificent from every angle that you view it.

From the top can be seen the lovely 0.50 carat round diamond that is set into a hexagonal setting and the shoulders have the most wonderful pierce work design.

Not content to just stop there, but looking at the ring from the other sides shows exquisite detail that is breathtaking to admire. This is truly an exceptional example of a genuine Art Deco diamond engagement ring of the 1920's, and showcases why Art Deco rings have always remained so popular.

Sitting perfectly on the finger, this is a wonderful Art Deco diamond engagement ring that will always be loved and admired and worn with so much pride.


Stock# ES9666

Circa: 1920

Maker: Belais (Belais Manufacturing Co)



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Art Deco diamond engagement ring made by Belais in the 1920's

This Art Deco diamond engagement ring was made by the Belais Manufacturing Company in America in their very own 18 carat white gold.

Coming from the Art Deco era that was between the 1920's to the 1940's, this is a wonderful and exciting example of a genuine Art Deco diamond engagement ring that produced during this era.

A brief history on the Belais Manufacturing Co.
 Founded David Belais, the Belais Manufacturing Company was among one of the first manufacturers of white gold. During World War One there were heavy restrictions on platinum which was being used for the war effort as it is a strategic metal used in making rifle and engine parts, explosives and the making of armaments.
 Because of this, David Belais and his jewellers experimented with various other alloys to make white gold as a substitute for platinum, as until then, there was only yellow or rose gold available to be made. In 1917, David Belais presented his formula, and a patent was applied for on October 5, 1918, and granted a few months later on February 10, 1920. The formula in his patent was an 18 carat white gold alloy composed of gold, zinc, and nickel which was then used extensively by his workshop to produce white gold jewellery.

His 18 carat white gold actually became so popular, that during the 1920s, white gold was sometimes referred to as “Belais metal.”


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