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Rare family locket that can hold 12 photos


A "family locket" is one that holds more than the traditional two photos, and here is an exceptionally rare one that holds not 4 or even 6 photos, but 12 photos.

Made in rolled gold, this is an early technique developed in the Georgian era, in which two plates of gold are rolled over a metal plate. This is very different to gold plated which does rub off over time as in rolled gold the front and back are solid plates of gold, and can even be engraved such as in this locket. Not only is it engraved, but this was all completely done by hand which is so much better quality than machine engraved or having the design simply stamped out. The hand engraving on this locket is just so attractive, and a real testament to the time that would have been spent on doing this all those years ago. And to add to the charm of this locket, one side is engraved with "T.J.S" and on the other "1876".

And then there is the shape itself of this amazing locket. This trefoil design is destined to always be admired every time that it is worn on the neck, and will surprise everyone when they discover that it is a locket. The shape is just so beautiful to admire, and measures 25.7mm across by 29.2mm plus the bail for a chain to pass through.

With the locket open, on one side it will hold six photos, and the same on the other side. Finding a 12 sided photo locket truly is as rare and exciting as it gets.

This is an amazing locket right from the romantic mid-Victorian era, that will be loved and treasured forever.


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Circa: 1876



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Rare family locket that can hold 12 photos

Rare family locket that can hold 12 photos made in the Victorian era in 1876.


Where can I buy an antique photo locket?

Kalmar Antiques in Sydney's Queen Victoria Building always have a large range of genuine antique photo lockets.

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