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Victorian era 15ct gold antique pink conch shell cameo


So beautifully and expertly hand carved, there is little doubt that this Victorian era 15ct gold antique pink conch shell cameo.

Today there are many cameos on the market which are not hand engraved and therefore don't have that wonderful artistic beauty often seen in an antique cameo such as this one. The intricate detail in the face and the hair is just captivating and made all the more special by being carved in the pink conch shell. Cameos are more often carved in the helmet cameo which is more of an orange and white/beige colouring, so the delicate pink and white colours seen here are just beautiful.

With a spectacular mount with so much incredible work, the mount is made in 15ct gold and measures 46.6mm across by 47.7mm from top to bottom. Even around the border it has been hand engraved which in itself would have taken so long to create.

This is such a stunning antique cameo, that will always look so impressive on any outfit.


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Circa: 1870



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Victorian era 15ct gold antique pink conch shell cameo

Cameos are one of the earliest forms of jewellery that goes as far back as 300BC. If carved out of agate, these are referred to as "hard-stone" cameos, or if from a shell, then simply a cameo.  Often cameos are carved out of the helmet shell. This produces a cameo in orange and beige to white colouring. This cameo however has been hand carved from the conch shell. This produces a lovely pink and white layering. Today few cameos are carved by hand. More and more are being done by the ultrasonic method. This is where a carved original plate, agitates the shell resulting in the cameo form being produced. Another technique is when agate is ground up and approximately 5% of a bonding solution is added. This is then poured into a mould producing a cameo.

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