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Vintage smoky quartz ring from 1974


Here is a wonderful statement ring that is sure to be admired from across the room and will always get the attention that it rightly deserves.

Made in 9 carat gold in London in 1974,sitting up proudly in the ring is a gorgeous smoky quartz that measures an impressive 23.5 carats in weight. The beautiful brown colour of the stone is so even and consistent and is highlighted by the incredible setting that supports it.

With an amazing rope-like design, this ring will have you admiring it not just from the top of the ring, but also from the sides.

The top of the ring measures 22.4mm by 17.4mm across, and this is one of the most fantastic vintage rings that you could ever hope to find.

Stock# EC204

Hallmarked: London 1974



Vintage smoky quartz ring from 1974

Vintage smoky quartz ring from 1974 made in 9 carat gold.

Where is the best place to buy vintage jewellery in Sydney?

At Kalmar Antiques on the top floor of the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney.

What is smoky quartz?

Smoky quartz (or smokey quartz) is a natural gemstone from the quartz family that is named according to its colour. When it is orange it is called citrine, brown, smoky quartz, colourless, rock crystal and the most famous of them all, purple is called amethyst.

What is vintage jewellery?

Vintage jewellery is anything that is over twenty years old, but less than one hundred. Once jewellery is over 100 years old, it is then classified as an antique.

What is smoky quartz?

Like the name implies, smoky quartz is from the quartz family, that is a smoky-brown colour. This family also includes citrine (yellow) and the most famous, amethyst (purple). Smoky quartz should never be called smoky topaz, as topaz is another gemmological family of gemstones.

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