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15 carat gold antique bracelet

15 carat gold was first used in England from 1854 until 1932 making it not only a unique carat of gold, but also one that isn't found today, and here is a wonderful antique curb link padlock bracelet that was made in 15 carat gold in the Edwardian era of the early 1900's.

The colour of the gold in this bracelet has such a warm light rose tone to it that looks even better on the wrist, and from end to end it measures a full 20.5cm, with each link measuring 8.2mm wide.

With such a smooth finish to the links and are charming heart shaped padlock with a safety chain for added security, this bracelet really is the perfect piece of jewellery to wear for any occasion.


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Circa: 1910



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15 carat gold antique bracelet

15 carat gold antique bracelet made in the Edwardian era.

When was the Edwardian era?

The Edwardian era was technically from his reign from 1901 until 1910. However in recent years, it has become accepted to extend this until 1914 to the start of World War One.

What is rose gold?

Gold is alloyed with other metals to both harden and sometimes alter the colour of the gold. Whereas pure gold is very bright yellow in colour, it is also quite soft and malleable. This makes it unsuitable for jewellery as it will often break or split. Other metals are added such as copper and silver to make it harder. not only will this make the gold jewellery more durable, it will also alter the colour. The yellow colour may "soften" in its tone, or adding copper can make it more of a warm rose colour.

Where can I buy antique jewellery in Sydney?

From Kalmar Antiques in the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney. At Kalmar Antiques, we have a large range of antique jewellery and watches from the Georgian era right up to today. This includes a wide range of antique engagement rings.

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