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18ct antique diamond Mizpah ring made in 1876

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18ct antique diamond Mizpah ring made in 1876

The term Mizpah is found in the Bible in Genesis Chapter 31, Verse 49 that refers to Mizpah as a watchpost, symbolising a place of sanctuary. It refers to when Jacob and Laban agree at Gilead to a Godsent peace, and they build a memento of stone and named it like their wise covenant MIZPAH, saying, “The Lord watch between me and thee when we are absent one from another”.

Over the years, and indeed centuries, the term Mizpah has been looked upon as that will give good fortune a safe return for those that are apart. It does not refer to any monetary gains as other sayings, amulets or talismans may have, but rather safe being and safe passage.

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