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19th century antique opal, diamond and pink topaz brooch


Here is a truly spectacular 19th century antique opal, diamond and pink topaz brooch that is destined to always be admired no matter where or when it is worn.

Day or night, this incredible brooch will catch the eye of everyone and will no doubt continually be appreciated for its elegance and beauty.

Beautifully hand made in gold and silver in the late 1800's, silver was used to surround the diamonds as it was known that gold could artificially tint the diamonds yellow and platinum, although already discovered, was not used in jewellery until the early 1900's and white gold was not yet invented at approximately the same time as platinum was used in jewellery.

Measuring 46.5mm across by 37.7mm, the proportions of this brooch is incredible. Sitting proudly in the centre is a magnificent Australian solid white opal that measures 13.7 carats. With such incredible spectral colours emanating from the opal, it is an opal such as this that shows why Australian opals are regarded as the finest in the world.

With two natural pink topaz stones to play into the colours from the opal, these measure 1.12 carats and then there are the seventy mine cut diamonds that sparkle so incredibly bright. Mine cut diamonds were used for over 2oo years and remain one of the most popular antique cut diamonds around. These diamonds come together to total an impressive 3.50 carats and are set into the most charming cluster and floral design.

There is no doubt that this elegant and impressive brooch will be admired and is truly exceptional and is a real testament to the quality of jewellery making all those years ago.


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Circa: 1880


19th century antique opal, diamond and pink topaz brooch

19th century antique opal, diamond and pink topaz brooch made in gold and silver.

Australia has long been regarded as the home to the finest quality opals. This antique brooch is set with a 13.7 carat Australian white opal. Highlighted by seventy mine cut diamonds, the mine cut diamond was used in jewellery for over 2oo years.

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