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Antique 15ct gold bloodstone signet ring made in 1900

The history of signet rings goes back 4,000 years ago, and here is a very elegant antique 15ct gold bloodstone signet ring made in 1900.

Set with an oval piece of bloodstone that was a common material used for seals and signets rings as it was often hand carved wit ha family crest or intaglio, the bloodstone has a lovely deep green colour with flecks of red, which is where the name comes from. With this top section measuring 17.9mm by 15.4mm, this ring stands out so well on the finger.

Made in 15ct rose gold, the colour of the rose gold has that lovely warm tone to it that is so popular today and has an elegant leaf design on each side that tapers down in width so elegantly.

This antique signet ring is so attractive not only in design, but also the lovely rose gold and will always look and feel so good on the finger.


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Antique 15ct gold bloodstone signet ring made in 1900

Signet rings go as far back to ancient Egypt over 4,000 years ago, and use of the term “signet” or “seal”, is from the Latin “sigillum” (seal), diminutive of signum (sign) and dates back at least to the second half of the thirteenth century. This antique signet ring is set with bloodstone which is dark green with flecks of red giving it its name. From the quartz family, this crypto-crystalline material was often carved with intaglios to press into warm wax to "seal" an envelope.

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