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Antique diamond engagement ring set with mine cut diamonds

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Antique diamond engagement ring set with mine cut diamonds

A brief history of the mine cut diamond:

At the start of the 18th century, a great leap forward emerged with the “invention” of the new 58-facetted diamond. At the time, these were the closest resemblance to today’s brilliant cut, and are referred to as old mine cuts, or old miners. These were cut often squarish or cushion shaped, with quite a steep angle on the crown and pavilion, to maximise weight retention. While weight was kept to a maximum, they often lacked a lot of internal fire and “brilliance”. As well as these features, the “old miners” often had quite a large culet or “collet”, the horizontal base formed by the blunting of a point when the stone is cut as a brilliant.

old mine cut diamonds

Images of the old mine cut diamonds.

This antique diamond engagement ring is set with mine cut diamonds that total 1.54 carats weight.

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