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Antique diamond cluster earrings set with mine cut diamonds

These earrings are absolutely divine and are destined to not only be admired each and every time that they are worn, but also to become a much loved and treasured family heirloom.

Made in the 1860's, the earrings were each hand made in 18 carat yellow gold and sterling silver. The reason why silver was used on the top, is that white gold was not yet invented and platinum, although already discovered, was not used in jewellery until around the same time as white gold in the early 1900’s.

Sitting in the centre of each is a gorgeous antique mine cut diamond which is surround by a further twelve mine cut diamonds. The two centre diamonds total 0.65 carats, and the outer diamonds total 0.36 carats, and all of them have the charm and character of being cut by hand all those years ago.The sparkle and charm of these earrings make them so attractive and elegant, and they sit perfectly on the ear for all to admire.

Measuring 9.5mm in diameter and fitted with post and butterfly fittings, they come in a beautiful box by S.J. Phillips of London who retailed them in the early 20th Century.

These earrings are as beautiful as they are elegant and will no doubt be cherished each and every time that they are worn.


Stock# C2091

Circa: 1860

$12,800 (On hold PJ)


Antique diamond cluster earrings

Antique diamond cluster earrings set with mine cut diamonds

What are mine cut diamonds?

A brief history on the mine cut diamond:

At the start of the 18th century, a great leap forward emerged with the “invention” of the new 58-facetted diamond. At the time, these were the closest resemblance to today’s brilliant cut, and are referred to as old mine cuts, or old miners. These were cut often squarish or cushion shaped, with quite a steep angle on the crown and pavilion, to maximise weight retention. As well as these features, the “old miners” often had quite a large culet or “collet”, the horizontal base formed by the blunting of a point when the stone is cut as a brilliant.

old mine cut diamonds

Images of the old mine cut diamonds.

Are antique diamonds ethical?

Yes! As these diamonds were cut over 100 years ago, antique diamonds can be bought with a clean conscience knowing that they are not “blood diamonds”.

Where is Australia's best antique store?

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