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Antique garnet and hair mourning brooch

Mourning jewellery should not be looked upon as being morbid, rather a way to celebrate and remember someones life, especially when this was during a time where there were no phones or cameras such as now, and here is a very beautiful and elegant antique mourning brooch that was made in the Victorian era.

Made in rolled gold in the 1850's, this is an early technique developed in the Georgian era in 1785, in which two plates of gold are rolled over a metal plate. This is very different to gold plated which does rub off over time, as in rolled gold the front and back are solid plates of gold.

Measuring 24.8mm by 19mm, the brooch is surrounded by ten rhodolite garnets that have more of a purple hue and tone to them compared to the more common almandine garnet that have more of a rich-burgundy colour.

These garnets compliment the brooch so well, and are a perfect colour to make this brooch look so elegant day or night.

And then there is the centre section that holds a lock of hair that has been woven into such an attractive design that completes the design of this brooch so well.

This is such a beautiful and poignant antique brooch that is a wonderful reminder of a beautiful bygone era.


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Antique garnet and hair mourning brooch

Antique garnet and hair mourning brooch that was made in the Victorian era.


When was the Victorian era?

The Victorian era was from 1837 until 1901. Until Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Victoria was the longest ruling monarch in British history. Queen Victoria was influential in not just politics, but also fashion. After Prince Albert died in 1861, Queen Victoria went into a perpetual state of mourning. During this time until her death, she wore only black, and popularised mourning jewellery.

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