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Antique pearl and mine cut diamond bangle


This bangle is so elegant in its design and has such a regal look to it, that there is no doubt that it will make any woman feel so proud to look down and see this adorning her wrist.

Made in the late Victorian era of the 1890's in 15 carat gold, the bangle is designed with a row of pearls on each side leading up to that wonderful cluster of more pearls and a mine cut diamond.

The setting for the pearls on each side highlights the design of the bar style that goes around the bangle and then there is the cluster that has the most wonderful setting.

The mine cut diamond in the centre measures 0.24 carats, and has such a wonderful sparkle, combined with the fact that it is such a beautiful cut of diamond that is so sought after today.

Being hinged allows the bangle to sit nice and close to the wrist, with all of this entirely made by hand which makes it even more special and unique and seeing this sit on your wrist will take you to a lovely bygone era.

Still in superb condition, this antique bangle is as beautiful and elegant today as when it was made.


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Circa: 1890



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Antique pearl and mine cut diamond bangle

Antique pearl and mine cut diamond bangle made in the late Victorian era of the 1890's.


What is 15 carat gold?

15 carat gold was used in England from 1854 until 1931. As Australia followed the British system, 15 carat gold is also found in Australian jewellery.

How old is an antique?

An antique is over one hundred years old. Vintage are pieces that are older than twenty, but less than one hundred.

Where is the best place to buy vintage and antique jewellery in Australia?

At Kalmar Antiques in the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney.For over thirty five years, Kalmar Antiques has made a name for itself as the best antique store in Australia for antique jewellery, watches and clocks.

What is a mine cut diamond? What is a cushion cut diamond?

At the start of the 18th century, a great leap forward emerged with the “invention” of the new 58-facetted diamond. At the time, these were the closest resemblance to today’s brilliant cut diamond. These are referred to as old mine cut diamonds, or “old miners” as well as “cushion cut diamonds” . These were cut often squarish or cushion shaped, with quite a steep angle on the crown and pavilion. This was to maximise weight retention in the diamond. As well as these features, the “old miners” often had quite a large culet or collet, the horizontal base formed by the blunting of a point when the stone is cut as a brilliant.

old mine cut diamonds

Where can I buy antique jewellery in Sydney?

Kalmar Antiques have a vast range of genuine antique jewellery. We deal in jewellery and watches as well as pocket watches from the Georgian era, through the Victorian and Edwardian era, right up to today. We can also custom hand make jewellery from you, as well as using genuine conflict-free antique diamonds and other gemstones.

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