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Antique solid white opal and diamond ring made in 1900

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Antique solid white opal and diamond ring made in 1900

This antique opal and diamond ring is set with three solid white Australian opals. Australian opals are regarded as this best in the world, from the boulder opals of Queensland, to the white opals and the mostly prized of them all, the world famous Lightning Ridge black opal. Not only does Australia produce the best opals in the world, but Australia also produces the most opals in the world per annun with an estimated 90 to 95% of all the opals in the world coming from Australia.

This ring was made in 18 carat yellow gold and is not only set with three solid white opals, but it is also set with four antique mine cut diamonds. Also called cushion cut diamonds, the mine cut diamond was the first diamond to have fifty eight facets just like today’s modern round brilliant cut diamond. The mine cut diamond was invented in the early 1700’s and in recent years has become so popular yet again, that modern diamond cutting workshops are now cutting modern diamonds in this shape for use in engagement rings.

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