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Large antique mine cut diamond earrings set in new settings


The mine cut diamond is the first true brilliant cut diamond that was developed at the start of the 18th century. This wonderful cut has fifty eight facets like a modern round brilliant cut diamond, but different angles as weight retention was paramount when cutting diamonds all those years ago, and this often resulted in the mine cut diamond having a gorgeous squarish shape to them giving rise to the term cushion cut diamonds

By far on of the most sought after cut of diamonds today, even though modern diamond houses in Antwerp and India are cutting modern mine cut diamonds, the diamonds set into these earrings are all genuine antique diamonds from a bygone era.

The diamonds measure 1.50 carats and 1.56 carats bringing the total to an impressive 3.06 carats and they are both L in colour and Vs and Si in clarity. Do not think for a moment that these diamonds look yellow as they face up so incredibly bright that they will have you instantly falling in love with them.

Set into a modern handmade platinum setting with handmade butterflies all made by our Master Jeweller, this setting really showcases the diamonds to their maximum and looks spectacular on the ear.

These earrings are just perfect and combine old and new and are destined to not always be admired every time that they are worn, but are sure to become a family heirloom.


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Large antique mine cut diamond earrings set in new settings

These mine cut diamonds are set into a hand made platinum setting and total 3.06 carats.

What are mine cut diamonds?

A brief history on the mine cut diamond:

At the start of the 18th century, a great leap forward emerged with the "invention" of the new 58-facetted diamond. At the time, these were the closest resemblance to today's brilliant cut, and are referred to as old mine cuts, or old miners. These were cut often squarish or cushion shaped, with quite a steep angle on the crown and pavilion, to maximise weight retention. As well as these features, the "old miners" often had quite a large culet or "collet", the horizontal base formed by the blunting of a point when the stone is cut as a brilliant.

old mine cut diamonds

Images of the old mine cut diamonds.

During the mid 19th Century, the old European cut came into focus. This was an attempt to change the old mine cut stones into a more perfect round cut. These stones can be considered as the first true round brilliant cut diamonds. The facets from the old miners were kept in their same position. However the shape changed to a more round and evenly shaped stone.

The culets became smaller, as it was realised that light could "leak" out from this point in the stone. The development of the modern brilliant cut occurred in the early part of the 20th century with further modifications through the century.

Are antique diamonds ethical?

Yes! As these diamonds were cut over 100 years ago, antique diamonds can be bought with a clean conscience knowing that they are not "blood diamonds".

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