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Antique style 3 stone diamond engagement ring

Here is a very beautiful antique style 3 stone diamond engagement ring that has been made by one of our jewellers in an exact style of an original Art Deco diamond engagement ring and set with three lovely antique cut diamonds.

This ring is an exact copy of an original antique one and not only has all the detail but also genuine antique diamonds.

Jewellery today is often cast made where the pieces are mass produced and although this has the advantage of bringing the cost down to make a ring, however the quality in the fine detail will not be there and there is a chance that the metal has porosity which are minute air bubbles in the metal causing weakness, so a hand made ring has so many more advantages.

And this ring was not just entirely hand made, but made in platinum which is not just the purest of all the precious metals used in jewellery, but also allows the fine detail that can be seen on the side be made all the while retaining the strength for the diamonds.

In total there are three lovely European cut diamonds which have the same 58 facets as today's modern round brilliant cut diamond, but with slightly different angles and the centre diamond measures 0.91 carats and the diamonds on each side measures 0.56 carats and 0.52 carats. These diamonds are G to H in colour and VS in clarity meaning that they are in the white range of colour and are nice and clean with no eye visible inclusions. And of course they have the added charm of being genuine antique European cut diamonds that were cut by hand over 100 years ago and are being used to bring a new ring to life.

When you look at the detail on the sides, set among the beautiful scroll work is a single cut diamond to add to the charm and character and is exactly as the original ring had.

Then to complete the perfection, the sides have the most beautiful detail and craftsmanship and from the top measures 17mm from left to right by 6.8mm wide.

This is such a beautiful diamond engagement ring that has the past and the present combined in one beautiful ring.

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Antique style 3 stone diamond engagement ring

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