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Illusion bangle made in 1896

This is a wonderful antique bangle that was made in the late Victorian era and is not only as fashionable and easy to wear every day, but is a wonderfully exciting illusion bangle that will surprise so many when they see and learn about this.

Made in 9 carat rose gold in Birmingham in 1896, the colour of the gold has that beautiful warm tone to it that looks even better on the wrist.

Although difficult to see from the images as a camera only has one lens compared to our two eyes, the bangle measures a constant 5.6mm wide, however when the bangle is rotated around and viewed, thanks to the optical illusion created by the design, the bangle appears to get wider and thinner as it turns around. This just shows that even during the Victorian era, the jewellery can not only be exciting to see, but a piece such as this can also be worn so easily along with other antique jewellery as well as modern and always fit right in.

Sitting beautiful and close to the wrist, it is fitted with a safety chain for added security and is destined to be admired by all who see it.


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Hallmarked: Birmingham 1896



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Illusion bangle made in 1896

Illusion bangle made in 1896 in 9 carat gold.

What is an illusion bangle?

An illusion bangle, like the name implies, gives the illusion that the width changes. In reality, the width remains constant and thanks to the design it looks like it goes wider and thinner as it is rotated around.

What is rose gold?

Gold is alloyed with other metals to both harden and sometimes alter the colour of the gold. Whereas pure gold is very bright yellow in colour, it is also quite soft and malleable. This makes it unsuitable for jewellery as it will often break or split. Other metals are added such as copper and silver to make it harder. not only will this make the gold jewellery more durable, it will also alter the colour. The yellow colour may "soften" in its tone, or adding copper can make it more of a warm rose colour.

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