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Retro era 18 carat fancy tubogas necklace made in France

The tubogas design goes back to Roman times, however the tubogas necklace used in jewellery really started coming into the forefront in jewellery from 1935, and is considered as one of the hardest links to manufacture and is incredibly difficult to find today, so here we are proud to have for offer a very elegant Retro era 18 carat fancy tubogas necklace made in France in the 1950's.

This necklace feels magnificent to the touch and there is no other link that feels the same way as it rolls through your fingers, let alone when it is on your neck.

Measuring approximately 40cm from end to end, this necklace sits perfectly across the neckline and has such an elegant look and feel to it that will take you back to the wonderful 1950's era of Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe.

With a look and style of sophistication that is unsurpassed, this necklace from the Retro era is truly spectacular.


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Circa: 1950



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Retro era 18 carat fancy tubogas necklace made in France

Retro describes jewellery produced between the later part of the 1930's to the 1940's, and also includes World War II. The styles and designs of the Art Deco jewellery still influenced designers in this era.

The retro movement was can be considered to be started by the head of Christie's jewellery department, Francois Curiel. He named the era for customers who requested jewellery with the Retro look. His realization of this era brought great popularity and prestige to retro jewellery, resulting in the increase in value and price to these designs. Retro jewellery can be easily characterised by large chunky somewhat over the top designs in not only brooches and bracelets but also rings. The use of rose gold was also quite common even in 18ct.
Large gem set brooches with a combination of such stones such as rubies and diamonds in a floral motif where not uncommon.


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