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Amethyst ring made in 1988

The setting of this ring is timeless in its design and is so simple and elegant that it will easily suit being worn on any finger and for any occasion.

Made in London in 1988 in 9 carat gold, the ring is set with a 6.50 carat oval amethyst that has a wonderful purple colour and reflects the light so well. Sitting proud in the claw setting allows the maximum amount of light to dance through the stone, and combined with its size, will always make sure that it gets the admiration that it deserves.

This is the perfect ring for any woman of any age to wear with pride.


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Hallmarked:  1988



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Amethyst ring made in 1988

Amethyst ring made in 1988 in 9 carat gold.

What is amethyst?

Amethyst is the most famous and well known of all the quartz family. The word "amethyst" comes from the ancient Greek word meaning "not drunken" as it was thought that it would prevent a person getting drunk if they drank from a quartz vessel. Quartz comes in a variety of colours and is named accordingly. When orange, it is called citrine, colourless, rock crystal, brown, smoky (or smokey) quartz, and purple, it is called amethyst.

Where can I buy vintage jewellery in Sydney?

From Kalmar Antiques in the Queen Victoria Building. For over thirty five years, Kalmar Antiques has been dealing in fine quality antique and vintage jewellery.

How old is vintage?

Vintage is the term applied to anything over twenty years old. Antique is the term for anything over 100 years old.

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