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Antique Australian Albert chain made by Larard Brothers in the 1890's

Designed in the Victoria era, the Albert chain was originally made for a man to attach his pocket watch at one end and to fit into his waistcoat, with the tee bar in the centre button holes. However when men put down their pocket watches in place of the "new" wrist watches at the turn of the 20th century, after a while women started to wear these around their neck, where they are more commonly worn today, and regardless if this is worn in the traditional way, or as a necklace, there is no doubt that it will always be loved and admired.

Made by the early Australian jewellery company Larard Brothers, it was originally established as Larard and Sons in 1874 and then became Larard Brothers in 1881. Becoming known as one of the finest jewellers in Australia, this antique Albert chain made by them epitomises why they were so highly regarded and why pieces by them are sought after today.

Made in 9 carat rose gold, the colour of the gold has that wonderful warm tone that is only found with antique jewellery as opposed to the quite often very pink colour seen in modern rose gold of today. Combine the colour with the gorgeous designs of the links, and you have a piece that is exceptional to admire from near or far.

In superb condition, from end to end it measures 39.5cm in length allowing it to easily sit around the neck and it is also so comfortable to wear day or night.

As elegant and stylish today as when it was made, this antique Albert chain by one of Australia's leading early jewellers is such a wonderful find.


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Maker: Larard Brothers (Australia)

Circa: 1890



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Antique Australian Albert chain made by Larard Brothers in the 1890's

A brief history on Albert chains:

The Albert chain, or Prince Albert chain as it is also known by was designed in the 1800's for Prince Albert to fit through a waist coat and hold a pocket watch on one end and the key to wind it on the other.

These were often made in sterling silver or gold as well as base metals such as rolled gold and some from the Art Deco era of the 1920's to the 1940's being made in platinum or a combination of platinum and gold.

A double length one ie two chains leading to a tee bar is a double Albert and one where the tee bar is at one end and a swivel or bolt ring at the other is known as a half Albert.
However in the early 1900's with the increase in popularity of wrist watches, the gentleman of the house put these chains down and started to wear the wrist watch and now years later woman wear these around their neck where they are quite often seen today.

A brief history on Larard Bros.

Larard and Son was first established on Melbourne in 1874 by John Larard. After his death in 1881, the two brothers changed the name of the company to Larard Bros (Brothers).

They became well known as a company that produced high quality jewellery, including the ever popular goldfield brooches. They were also importers of Omega watches and the jewellery is identified with their stamp of a five pointed star.

As one of Australia's leading jewellers, the company enjoyed great success and finally closed in 1945.


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