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Antique demantoid garnet, pearl and diamond brooch made in the 1890's


The demantoid garnet is the most highly prized of all the garnets, and here is a fabulous antique demantoid garnet brooch that is set alongside diamonds and pearls.

While most people are aware of the deep and beautiful burgundy-red colour that garnets are commonly found in, this green variety is the rarest of them all and in this brooch, they stand out so beautifully.

Hand made in 15 carat gold and sterling silver, as white gold was not yet invented and it was known that diamonds can reflect and pick up on the colour of gold, this is the reason that silver was used on the top to set the diamonds into.

Measuring 43.5mm across by 28mm, the brooch is set with a total of ten demantoid garnets and three larger European cut diamonds and twelve rose cut diamonds. These diamonds come together to total 0.23 carats, and then the brooch is further set with three pearls.


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Circa: 1890



Antique demantoid garnet, pearl and diamond brooch made in the 1890's

Antique demantoid garnet brooch

A brief history on demantoid garnets:

Garnets come in a range of colours from the commonly seen burgundy-red through to orange and the rarest of them all, the green demantoid garnet. First discovered in the Ural mountains in Russia is 1853, the demantoid garnet has a wonderful natural and unique inclusion called a "horse-tail" inclusion, which as the name suggests, is similar in look to a horse tail. This inclusion is not seen in any other variety of garnet. While there is another green garnet, the tsavorite garnet which is also spectacular, the demantoid garnet is the most rare and highly prized.

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