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Antique snake necklace from the 1860's.


The fashion and styles of Queen Victoria were so popular, that the people the world over followed and emulated her fashion so it is no wonder that when, in 1840 she received her engagement ring in the form of a snakes head, people would start to embrace this design as can be seen here in this magnificent antique snake necklace from the 1860's.

Incredible detailed and made in 15ct gold, there really is no part of this necklace that isn't incredible and will have you admiring this piece for hours on end.

The necklaces amazing feature is of course the snake head at the front. This incredible section is set with one oval garnet and two cabochon cut garnets as its eyes and is highlighted with rose gold, green gold and silver to really capture the detail and display the incredible work that went to create this necklace over 150 years ago.

Not only does the necklace open and close on the side of the head, but suspended below is a very sweet and romantic heart which not only is it too set with a garnet and also incorporated the use of different colours of gold, but turning it over reveals a locket adding to the charm and character of this necklace.

The necklace itself cannot be overlooked as not only was it all hand made, but it also amazingly graduates in thickness as it goes from one side to the other. To be able to make this graduate in thickness and still remain so tactile and flexible is just incredible and is a real testament to the quality and craftsmanship of this piece and graduates in thickness from 2.7mm to 3.8mm.

Laid out from end to end the necklace measures 38cm or 36cm to the snakes head where the necklace connects to the other end.

Quite simply this is a spectacular example of mid-Victorian jewellery and one that is captivating and is surely destined to always be admired and loved every single time that it is worn.


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Antique snake necklace from the 1860's.

What is an antique?

An antique is anything that is over 100 years old. Vintage is over 20 yeas old, but less than 100.

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