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Art Deco enamel necklace set with diamonds and pearls.


This antique necklace is destined to become a much treasured and loved family heirloom and will always be admired for its design as well as the wonderful enamel.

Made in the Art Deco period of the 1920's, this necklace was hand made in 18 carat yellow gold and platinum and is in as perfect condition today as when it was made a century ago.

Measuring 43.5cm in length, in the centre is a delicate circular design set with six rose cut diamonds and a pearl in the centre, that leads to the main section, with even the section connecting the two parts having a wonderful design that bows out and is set with another pearl.

Then the exquisite lace-like design of the main part at the bottom is just so beautiful to admire. Set with twenty four rose cut diamonds on the outside border, eighteen further in and a final six more rose cut diamonds set over the vibrant blue enamel, there is no denying that this necklace is just so beautiful, and a wonderful design that will always be admired. The type of enamel is called guilloché enamel, which is a style of enamelling in which the metal below (in this case gold) having an engraved design below the surface prior to the enamel, resulting in a very attractive design as the end result which can be seen in this necklace, which is highlighted by the diamonds as well as the pearl in the centre.

The diamonds come together to total 0.26 carats, and the main pendant section measures 24.7mm across and from the bottom of this to the top section connected to the chain, measures 56mm, making this the perfect length to sit on the neckline and always be admired by all who see it.

This is truly a spectacular necklace that is destined to become a much loved and treasured necklace that also showcases the beauty and quality of the Art Deco era of the 1920's.


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Circa: 1920



Art Deco enamel necklace set with diamonds and pearls.

Art Deco enamel necklace set with diamonds and pearls

What is guilloché enamel?

A brief history on guilloché enamel:
Going back to the 18th Century, guilloché is a decorative technique in which a very precise and repetitive pattern is engraved into an underlying material. This was often gold or silver and then the enamel applied over the top. After the firing process is completed, it is polished back to a high lustre. This reveals the engraved pattern below the surface. This technique can be seen on jewellery as well as decorative pieces such as pill boxes, opera glasses and carriage clocks. Often seen in high quality French and Swiss pieces over the century, this is an enamelling technique that has always remained so popular and sought after.

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