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Fabulous Colombian emerald and diamond ring from the Retro period

Here is a truly fabulous Colombian emerald and diamond ring from the Retro period of the 1940's that is spectacular to admire from every angle and truly like no other.

Exquisitely hand made in entirely in platinum, this ring has such an amazing solid feel to it that is also incredibly tactile thanks to the smooth sides and expert setting of the diamonds.

Sitting proudly in the centre is a magnificent natural Colombian emerald that measures 1.60 carats and shows why for centuries Colombian emeralds have long been regarded as the best in the world. Whereas many other emeralds from other localities will be to dark to see through or have far to many inclusions that spoils the appearance of the emerald, this one has such a magnificent transparency that allows not only the light but the eye to see all the way through the stone. Combine this with such a beautiful pure green colour that stands out even more set into the pure white colour of the platinum and the sparkle given off from the diamonds, and you are left with such an eye catching ring.

Then on the left and right hand sides set into an upswept design are six single cut diamonds and four round brilliant cut diamonds on each side that come together to total 0.48 carats. The time and expertise to set these diamonds in that angled section highlights the quality and craftsmanship of this ring and emphasises the ring design as a whole.

And then running parallel on the other sides are five baguette cut diamonds which total 0.90 carats bringing the total diamond weight in this ring to 1.38 carats making this ring sparkle so beautifully.

Measuring 12.5mm wide by 19.9mm long, it has the dimensions to make it always get the attention and admiration that it rightly deserves.


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Circa: 1940



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Fabulous Colombian emerald and diamond ring from the Retro period

This emerald and diamond ring was entirely hand made in platinum. Set with a magnificent Colombian emerald which measures 1.60 carats, it shows why Colombian emeralds are regarded as the finest in the world. With excellent colour and transparency, it stands out even more set into the pure white colour of the platinum. Highlighted with thirty diamonds, this is a spectacular example of a genuine emerald and diamond ring from the Retro era.

Retro describes jewellery produced between the later part of the 1930's to the 1950's, and also includes World War II. The styles and designs of the Art Deco jewellery still influenced designers in this era.

The retro movement was can be considered to be started by the head of Christie's jewellery department, Francois Curiel. He named the era for customers who requested jewellery with the Retro look. His realization of this era brought great popularity and prestige to retro jewellery, resulting in the increase in value and price to these designs. Retro jewellery can be easily characterised by large chunky somewhat over the top designs in not only brooches and bracelets but also rings. The use of rose gold was also quite common even in 18ct.
Large gem set brooches with a combination of such stones such as rubies and diamonds in a floral motif where not uncommon.

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