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Tritium dial Rolex Submariner reference 16610

By far the Rolex Submariner 16610 has achieved a cult-like status, and here is a stainless steel Rolex Submariner 16610 with the tritium dial that is in brilliant condition and has already started to become the classic Rolex Submariner.

To begin with, at the bottom is has "Swiss T<25" on the dial meaning that the tritium used is at a safe level to wear. This was used until 1998 when Luminova dials were then used. These earlier Swiss T<25 Rolex Submariners are becoming highly collectable making it has such a wonderful point of difference to many other Rolex Submariner's out there.

Fitted in the traditional 40mm Rolex Oyster case, this has the slimmer shoulders than its 116610 replacement model and is incredibly comfortable to wear all the time.

Inside is the highly robust and reliable  31 jewelled automatic Rolex calibre 3135 that has been fully serviced by our in-house Rolex trained watchmaker and comes with our twelve month warranty.

Not only is the case and movement in excellent condition, but so is the Rolex Oyster band which is still so nice and tight without the band showing flex to it making this watch still able to be worn in harsh conditions with no concern at all. Fantastic in all respects, this is a great looking and increasingly popular Rolex model to have on your wrist.


Stock# W2039cc

Maker: Rolex

Model: Rolex Submariner reference 16610

Circa: 1989



Tritium dial Rolex Submariner reference 16610

What is a Rolex Tritium dial?

This Rolex Submariner 16610 dates from 1996 and is in excellent condition. The Rolex Submariner now has a three year wait list making it one of the most sought after Rolex models to get. This particular Rolex Submariner has the tritium dial which can be seen as the "Swiss-T<25" at the bottom of the dial designating that the tritium on the dial is at a safe level to wear.

Ever popular and ever iconic Rolex Submariner 16610 in stainless steel with the black dial. The Rolex Submariner has been one of if not Rolex's most iconic and sought after model for over 50 years and remains as popular today as it did over half a century ago. With subtle changes from higher beat movements, to sapphire crystal replacing acrylic crystal, flat index markers becoming raised, and the bezel now in ceramic, the entire look and style has rightfully remained unchanged and has no intention going out of style or popularity anytime soon.
The Rolex Submariner 16610, a classic watch that will take you anywhere. Fitted with the thirty one jewelled Rolex automatic calibre 3135, the Rolex Submariner is one of the most sought after watches the world over.

Where can I service my Rolex watch in Sydney?

Kalmar Antiques now employ a Rolex trained watchmaker on site!

When we expanded and renovated our store in late 2022, we put in not only a full watchmaking and polishing workshop, but a watchmaker. European trained, he used to work for Rolex for nearly seven years. This allows us to be able to service your Rolex to Rolex standards, as well as other watch brands such as Omega, Cartier and Patek Philippe to name a few.

How often should I service my Rolex?

We recommend to service your Rolex every five years. If you wear the watch in water, we strongly suggest having your Rolex watch pressure tested once a year. This also applies to any other brand of watch that is worn in the water.

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