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Antique Art Nouveau gold earrings

Even though the Art Nouveau era coincided with the late-Victorian era, the styles and designs of Art Nouveau jewellery often display an elegant free-flowing design which can be seen on the top section of these very beautiful drop earrings.

Dating from the mid-1890's, they were made in 18 carat yellow gold and measure 5.6cm in length from the bottom to the top of the shepherd hooks, and thanks to their rich golden yellow colour and length, will suit any style and length of hair and always stand out to be admired.

The top section has such a lovely delicate floral design that adds so much charm to the earrings, which are off-set and complimented by the polished section at the bottom which will sway beautifully as you walk.

These earrings are truly timeless in their design and look as magical today as when they were made over a century ago.


Stock# EC379

Circa: 1895



Antique Art Nouveau gold earrings

Antique Art Nouveau gold earrings made in the late 19th Century. These antique earrings were made in 18 carat yellow gold.

When was the Art Nouveau era?

As this was an era defined by style, rather than a ruler, the exact ages are not distinct. Having said that, it is generally accepted to be from the 1890's until the start of World War One in 1914.

A brief history on the Art Nouveau era:

The Art Nouveau era started in the 1890's and continued to the start of World War One in 1914. Whereas the Victorian era used a lot of symmetry, Art Nouveau jewellery started to use more "organic" styles as well as no longer being symmetrical. The term "whiplash design" is one that is often used to describe some Art Nouveau forms of jewellery.

With a style that is very feminine, Art Nouveau jewellery has a very soft, free flowing style. This has produced its very own distinct style and genre.

Materials and techniques not previously used before in jewellery making in Europe and the United Kingdom were now being used.

Enamelling was used quite extensively, and this was not limited to being used on "precious" metals such as gold. The use of silver became very popular as a metal to create jewellery that is still today breathtaking.

This included the wonderful enamelling technique of plique a jour a French term meaning "open to light" where the finished piece has transparent enamel held between the thin metal wires.

Other materials used during the Art Nouveau period was ivory, amber and blister pearls to name a few.

Some of the more famous jewellers of this period include Rene Lalique, Carl Faberge, George Fouquet, and Louis Tiffany. These were people who often did not limit themselves to just jewellery and from their factories produced some of the most breathtaking works of art in the form of lamps and lampshades, bowls and various other works of art.


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