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Antique turquoise drop earrings

Not only will these earrings be noticed from near or far, but many will be surprised when they learn that they are over 150 years old and are still in wonderful condition in a style that will always be admired.

Made in 15 carat gold in the mid-Victorian era of the 1870's, they measure a very elegant 5cm in length and have such a delicate sway to them that will draw any eye in the room to them. With a beautiful scalloped base with an incredible floral design that rolls over the top so gracefully, there is a cluster of turquoise set at the bottom which adds a perfect contrast in colour to the earrings, which are then finished off with the elegant tear drop section at the bottom.

Set on long and secure shepherd hooks, these earrings are destined to become a family treasure to be passed down through the generations.


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Circa: 1870



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Antique turquoise drop earrings

Antique turquoise drop earrings made in 15 carat gold. These earrings were made in the Victorian era of the 1870's.

What does turquoise represent in antique jewellery?

For centuries, turquoise has been a prized gemstone that goes back 7,500 years ago. Used in nearly all cultures, in Western culture it was often used to represent good fortune and protection. Queen Victoria also loved turquoise and it became very popular in Victorian jewellery. It also become used to represent true love and Queen Victoria herself gave her turquoise brooches as bridal gifts when she wed Prince Albert.

Is antique jewellery affordable?

Yes! Often people are surprised to find that they can purchase a piece of jewellery that is over 100 years old for not a lot of money.

Where is the best place to buy antique jewellery in Australia?

At Kalmar Antiques in Sydney's historic Queen Victoria Building. For over thirty five years, Kalmar Antiques has been dealing in fine antique jewellery from the Georgian era right through to modern. Not only do we have a large range of antique engagement rings, but we can also repair your damaged or broken antique jewellery. Employing jewellers who can repair antiques with no evidence of having work done, our restoration of antique jewellery doesn't stop there. We also employ an in-house watchmaker who used to work for Tag Heuer, LVMH and Rolex.

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