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Ruby and diamond bangle made in 1898

Made in the 19th Century in 1898, this antique bangle is so beautiful and elegant and sits perfectly on the wrist.

Made in 15 carat gold, the centre has a charming soft swirl design that is set with three natural rubies that total 0.11 carats and two European cut diamonds and two rose cut diamonds that total 0.05 carats.
However it is not just the rubies and diamonds that makes this bangle so beautiful, it is also the elegant design set on each side that even well after 100 years have passed, is not only so beautiful to admire, but is also in wonderful condition.

Being an oval hinged bangle will allow it to sit nice and close to the wrist, and fitted with a safety chain gives it that added security, and any woman who wears this will find it so comfortable to wear during the day as well as being that perfect piece of jewellery for the evening.


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Hallmarked: Chester 1898



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Ruby and diamond bangle made in 1898

Ruby and diamond bangle made in 1898 in 15 carat gold. This antique ruby and diamond bangle is set with European cut diamonds and rose cut diamonds.

What is a European cut diamond?

During the mid 19th century, the old European cut came into focus, and was an attempt to change the old mine cut stones into a more perfect round cut. These stones can be considered as the first true round brilliant cut diamonds. The facets from the old miners were kept in their same position, but changed shape to a more round and evenly shaped stone.

The culets became smaller, as it was realised that light could leak out from this point in the stone. The development of the modern brilliant cut occurred in the early part of the 20thcentury with further modifications through the century. Diamond cutters apply the brilliant cut to other shapes, and this very exacting skill continues to enthrall craftsman and enthusiasts alike.

What is the 40th wedding anniversary present?

Ruby. Historically ruby is the 40th wedding anniversary present.

Where is the best antique store in Sydney?

Kalmar Antiques are on the top floor of the Queen Victoria Building. We have been dealing in antique jewellery and watches for over thirty years. With a vast collection of antique jewellery to modern bespoke hand made pieces, there is also a watchmaking workshop on site with a Rolex trained watchmaker.

Where can I get my antique jewellery repaired?

At Kalmar Antiques in the Queen Victoria Building. For over thirty-five years we have been repairing and restoring antique jewellery. Using techniques not often used today, as well as genuine antique cut diamonds and gemstones, we provide an obligation-free quote prior to any repair work.

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