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Diamond and pearl double sided antique pendant with hand painted portraits on ivory


Here is a truly exquisite diamond and pearl double sided antique pendant with hand painted portraits on ivory that gets more and more beautiful the closer you look at it, and is a real testament to what the jewellers of the Victorian era could produce.

So beautifully hand made in 15 carat rose gold and silver where the diamonds are set, silver was used to set the diamonds into during this time until the early 1900’s as until then white gold was not yet invented and platinum, although already discovered, was not used in jewellery until around the same time as white gold.

Not only are there rose cut diamonds set on the top in what can only be described as the most gorgeous setting, as well as more rose cut diamonds at the very bottom, but looking close at the portrait of the young lady, there are ten more rose cut diamonds including the ones is a very sweet heart design. In total there are sixty five rose cut diamonds with a total weight of 0.78 carats, as well as seventeen natural pearls to compliment the beauty of this piece.

Then when you look into the eyes of both the young lady and the baby, this also exemplifies the quality of the pendant as these have been hand painted to the highest standard complimenting the piece even further.

And on the back of each portrait are the names "Ellen Lorna Fielden, when 18" and "Cecil M. Fielden, 1 year old". After extensive research we have found that not only were they brother and sister, but they were actually twins, both being born on the 30th September, 1854 in Yorkshire. With Ellen being 18 years old when painted, this would put the piece at being made around 1872 which is exactly in the style and era of this pendant.

All of this makes this pendant so much more special and magical and a real way to hold a peace of history in your hand.

Measuring 36.5mm across by 65mm or 75mm to the very top of the bail, this is by far one of the most outstanding antique pendants that you will lever come across, and an absolute treasure to admire from near or far.


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Circa: 1872



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Antique double sided pendant

Diamond and pearl double sided antique pendant with hand painted portraits on ivory

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